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Singer kriegt kein Honorar aus der Staatskasse! Immerhin.
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 State refuses to pay fee of controversial bioethicist
 CONCORD, N.H. (AP) The state will not pay a controversial bioethicist's $2,000  fee to give the keynote speech at a conference on disabilities.
The Executive Council voted Wednesday to allow the Governor's Commission on Disability to hold its fall conference Oct. 4, but blocked paying Princeton professor Peter Singer's fee with state money.
Councilors Peter Spaulding of Hopkinton, Thomas Colantuono of Manchester and  David Wheeler of Milford objected to Singer's view on assisted suicide.
Singer believes parents should be able to euthanize severely disabled  infants who
are less than a month old. Michael Jenkins, the commission's executive director, invited Singer to the conference. National and local disabilities rights groups protested the planned visit, but Jenkins said the conference will call attention to the absurdity of  Singer's views.

The commission sought permission to spend $8,000 on the conference.
Jenkins said it planned to pay Singer out of proceeds from conference tickets, not state money.
After the council's action, Jenkins said the Boston-based non-profit Adaptive Environment might be willing to shoulder the expenses.
 Spaulding was not convinced Singer's appearance would be beneficial. Jenkins says he abhors Singer's views, but the majority of the disabled community support his decision to let him speak. He argued the disabled should have an opportunity to confront Singer. "Whether we agree or disagree, he is raising questions that need to be  asked and answered," Jenkins said.
Gov. Jeanne Shaheen said she, too, abhors Singer's views, but was disappointed with the council's decision to not allow debate over the issue.

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