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   Opposition Stalls Genetic Profiling Plan for Tonga by Bob Burton
   Inter Press Service February 18, 2002

   Chinese region 'must conduct 20.000 abortions'
By Damien Mcelroy, Hongkong, 5.8.01

  Is China's law eugenic?
China's approach to family planning has been attacked in the West as authoritarian and an infringement on individual rights. A Chinese Academian Qiu Renzong rejects claims that his country's Law on Maternal and Infant Health is eugenic. A German Sinologist challenges Qiu Renzong's position.

1. Qiu Renzong: A concern for collective good.
                         In: The Unesco Courier, Sept.1999
2. Frank Dikötter: The legislation imposes decisions
                         In: The Unesco Courier, Sept.1999

- Kolumbien
  Genoveva Keyeux: Food, Plant Biotechnology and Ethics in Colombia. 1996

- India/ Indien
R.Ramachandran: In India, sex selection gets easier
                          In: The Unesco Courier, Sept.1999
(New sex pre-determination techniques are likely to reinforce anti-female prejudice)

- Israel
Rae HB Fish Man:   Israel- DNA Matchmakers
                           In: The Unesco Courier, Sept.1999

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