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It has been reported that two British female students, both aged 24,
have sold their eggs in the US to help fund them through university in
the UK. According to the UK's Sunday Times, one of the women was paid
£3,800 and the other received £5,000.

The newspaper reports that the women - one studying at Bristol
University and the other at Aston University in Birmingham - were paid
'a premium by a Californian agency because of their looks and
intelligence'. The agency then sold their eggs to two separate American
women, who are now reported to be pregnant.

The women had contacted Egg Donation Inc. in California after seeing the
company's website advertising fees for donors of eggs. The company paid
for them to go to the US in order to have their eggs extracted. The
Bristol women was chosen by a 50-year old woman after she viewed
'childhood photos and read a profile that included her academic record'
and other details. The woman from Aston University was chosen by a
couple who 'had an English background'.

Karen Synesiou, a director of the US agency said the women had been
chosen because they were studying sciences and were pretty, adding 'if
you're not attractive, you're not going to get anywhere in egg donation.

Nobody wants an ugly child if they can help it'. The company now plans
to target donors from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. 'It's the elite
of the elite and couples are prepared to pay for that', said Synesiou.

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